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Rethinking strategic leadership: Changed times lead to changed needs. That’s why we are constantly developing ourselves further so that you always receive the highest possible benefit from us.

We always think one step ahead of our time. The next step will revolutionize strategy development once again! Look forward to the IT integration of our methodology.

Every time has its solutions

We know this and have therefore reinvented ourselves time and again.

  • Foundation: Founded in 1990 as a top management consultancy with a broad project focus, the Cologne Strategy Group focused exclusively on strategy consulting just two years later.
  • Methodology: The Industrial Success Logic approach developed in 1994 has since been applied in several hundred projects and has been continuously focused and refined.
  • Publication: In 2013 we took a big step and published our methodology as a reference book (Strategy: Alignment of companies with the success logic of their industry; Springer Gabler Verlag; 3rd extended edition 2018).
  • Universities: We have been teaching our methodology at various German universities since 2013.
  • Strategy autonomy: In 2015, we developed our training concept, which has already enabled hundreds of managers, thus making their companies more independent in their strategy development.
  • Digitalization: In the next step, we will integrate our methodology into your IT systems.
Dr. Ralf Wicharz

Dr. Ralf Wicharz

CEO of the Cologne Strategy Group

„Only development can be stable! We will continue to follow this principle in the future. The success logic approach is a method of strategy development that can be excellently communicated to managers. At the same time, the approach is predestined to integrate your CRM system when describing stakeholder needs and your ERP system when modelling strategic levers. It is the goal of the Cologne Strategy Group to completely digitize our strategy development process and make it available to at least 30% of the 500 largest companies in Europe by 2025. Ideally integrated into existing software systems of leading providers or as a stand-alone solution with interface to independent IT systems. Strategy 4.0 will set new standards.“

Stefan Schultheiß

Stefan Schultheiß

Partner of the Cologne Strategy Group

„In search for the best solution for your company, we are not easily satisfied! We want to understand, inquire, drill deep, break new grounds! Innovative solutions cannot be achieved by replicating. They are the result of independent thinking and sound judgement! That is why we employ only highly qualified staff and pay special attention to long-term company retention. In this way we can guarantee the high level of competence and experience that you expect from us in all project teams. Lectures at universities keep us up to date and ensure that we attract the top talents! Experienced top industry managers contribute their many years of expertise in corporate management and strategy implementation as associated partners – with direct benefits for your company. We will inspire you!”

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