Turning strategy into the most powerful instrument of your corporate management

The “Industrial Success Logic” is your answer to the new challenges of corporate management. Strategy is your central lever for the development of your company. It determines the set-up and operational processes of the individual businesses, the culture and, last but not least, the value of your company.

Traditional strategy development cannot live up to this important impact. In times of serious disruptions and increasingly rapid global developments, standard strategies are an obsolete model. New challenges call for new, innovative solutions! Your internal strategy process “Industrial Success Logic” is optimally geared to this.

Core strengths of the "Industrial Success Logic"


Internal strategy competence ensures a highly flexible reaction to disruptions and a permanently updated strategy. Critical changes in the success logic are anticipated in advance.


Only innovative, individual strategies that take the specifics of your company into account can achieve a truly unique selling proposition. Standard solutions stand no chance in a global competitive environment.


Full transparency over all your strategic options and their evaluation is the key not only to the optimal allocation of your scarce resources but also to easy communication with the organization and capital market.


Through the comprehensive integration of your organization, concerns are already resolved during the process. In this way, you ensure full support and smooth implementation of the agreed measures.

Your masterplan of leadership

  • Strategy is specific: Only specific strategies ensure the determination of clear measures, a continuous success control and a corresponding integration into your IT systems.
  • Strategy is individual: Only strategies that take the individual conditions and abilities of your company into account are realistically achievable and distinguish your company from your competition.
  • Strategy is benefit-driven: Only business models that offer superior benefit to their stakeholders and better meet their needs will succeed.
  • Strategy is easy to understand: Only a convincing argumentation guarantees support for your transformation and a smooth implementation.
  • Strategy development is decision-convergent: Only with complete transparency over all strategic alternatives of your business, their realistic costs and revenues are sound future decisions possible.

The industrial success logic

With our 7-step strategy process, you anticipate relevant changes and upheavals in your industry, developments of your competitors as well as innovative and sustainably superior business models. This enables you to identify your own strategic opportunities at an early stage and evaluate them objectively and comprehensibly.

Only two parameters are decisive for you: stakeholder needs as the driving force of every industrial development and strategic levers as the configuration options of your business model. Our methodology organizes the knowledge of your organization and your systems along these parameters and builds a stringent argumentation chain with innovative conclusions.

Concentrating on these two key dimensions greatly simplifies your communication. This way you convince both your own organization and the capital market and gain full support for your projects.

And one more thing: the comprehensive involvement of your employees already resolves concerns during the process and ensures the smooth implementation of the agreed measures.

Your Agility and Independence

The industrial revolution has lasted for 200 years. The informational revolution we are witnessing is creating radical disruptions and innovative business models every month. Strategic leadership and fast-moving change are not contradictory.

On the contrary: a deep understanding of your industrial success logic ensures that you anticipate changes in success-critical factors and are aware of your reaction possibilities. Full transparency and control at all times.

Identify opportunities before others do and exploit them immediately, react agilely to disruptions and implement your strategy efficiently! With dynamic, in-house strategy processes, trained managers and the integration of your ERP/CRM systems, this becomes a matter of course for you.

In short: become independent from external strategy consultants and build your powerful strategy autonomy!



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