Cologne Strategy Group in the manager magazin

In the most comprehensive consultant study in 20 years, Bonn economics professor Dietmar Fink interviewed 1,044 executives from major German corporations exclusively for manger magazine on their assessment of consulting firms.

In addition to the satisfaction values surveyed, it becomes clear that in sensitive areas such as strategy development, the  strategic sovereignty and competence should be brought back into the companies!

For example, as Evonik’s CEO Christian Kullmann states in manager magazin, the decision on strategy is one of the central tasks of the Executive Board. The strategic alternatives are developed internally – supported by consultants only if required. For example, the Cologne Strategy Group assists in the development and implementation of an innovative strategy process and trains managers of the entire Evonik group.

In addition, decision-making within large companies is also changing. According to the study, many companies are now starting consulting projects where they are needed: “The decentralized units generally decide on who they want to work with”.

From our point of view, there is a good reason for this trend:

Every company, every business segment needs its own individual strategy. Consultants can provide a framework with their methodology and be a sparring partner with their sound judgement. But the specialist knowledge is in the minds of the employees!

It is therefore important to provide managers with a reliable, easy-to-handle methodology that enables them to

  • overcome old patterns of success,
  • recognize the new logic of success before their competition,
  • fully identify ALL existing strategic options of their businesses and to evaluate them objectively for decision.


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