The Future of Retail – [R]Evolution of Business Models

A study by Cologne Strategy Group

The retail industry is facing radical changes. Great opportunities arise for all parties involved if the trend reversal of the industry is recognized and utilized at an early stage:

  • Stationary retail stores do not stand a chance in price battles against online retailers! Which strengths can yet lead stationary concepts to success?
  • Pure “selling spaces“ become obsolete – „Spaces of adventure and experience“ are in demand! Are existing properties suitable for future store concepts?
  • The business logic of retail concepts fully reverses! Which players are driving and financing the (r)evolution of business models?

The crucial point for companies is to break away from currently existing thought patterns and draw the right conclusions for their individual strategies. Through rapid action, strategically superior positions in the market can be occupied prior to competitors.

Our study outlines major challenges and key questions regarding the (re)development of business models in retail trade. The specific solutions differ depending on segment, company and type of product.

The authors:

Stefan Schultheiss – managing partner of Cologne Strategy Group
Tobias Wieschmann – strategy consultant at Cologne Strategy Group


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