Cologne Strategy Group – Game-Changer in Strategy

For more than 25 years Cologne Strategy Group has been offering a unique competitive advantage to international corporations and major medium-sized companies: We restore their strategic autonomy!

Individual success logic instead of standard solutions: Each business and each corporation is following a certain individual logic. The strategic options available to your company are just as individual. Together with your team we identify and evaluate these options. And you decide!

Capability instead of purchasing: Implement our well-proven strategy approach in your company. Empower your senior management to develop reliable strategies on their own!

Cologne Strategy Group focuses exclusively on strategic management issues. This specialization ensures the highest expertise possible. We cannot do everything, but what we do, we do extremely well.

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Strategy Book – 3rd edition


„An unrivaled methodology for structured strategy development“

CSG Study – Future of Retail

„[R]Evolution of business models in the retail industry! A turning point with great opportunities“

Press – CSG in the manager magazin


„Strategy specialists such as the Cologne Strategy Group help companies getting back their internal strategy compentencies“