Strategy: Aligning companies with the success logic of their industry

Company Strategy – Business Unit Strategy –Corporate Strategy

(3rd edition: 2018)

Every industry follows its individual success logic. Every company is in a unique strategic position within its industry. Those differences result in the fact, that only individual strategies enable companies to fully exploit their potential for success. Ralf Wicharz shows how companies can

  • identify the individual success logic of their own industry
  • derive specific superior business setups
  • recognize and evaluate all their strategic options
  • fully implement the selected strategy

In more than 250 projects the described method for strategy-development has been improved and focused steadily. The newly added chapter “practical development of the own business strategy” guides leadership teams step by steps to a professional, reliable strategy decision. With this approach, companies restore their strategic autonomy.

In May 2013 the German business newspaper “manager magazin” honored the first edition of the book as “book of the month”.


  • The role of strategy in company management
  • Methodology to develop business strategies
  • Practical development of the own business strategy
  • Development of corporate strategies
  • The strategic management process as tool for effective company management

The author:

Dr. Ralf Wicharz is founder and partner of the Cologne based Cologne Strategy Group.

Publisher: Springer Gabler (3rd edition: 2018)
Language: German (357 pages)
ISBN-13: 978-3-658-18711-8