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Today’s rapid industry developments and increasingly frequent disruptions require a high degree of flexibility and agility in your strategic decisions. COLOGNE STRATEGY GROUP empowers your management team to develop innovative strategies internally at the highest level! This gives you full control at all times and allows you to cut down on external strategy consultants.

Our innovative strategy process “Industrial Success Logic” can be easily integrated into your existing processes and systems. We train your management team and support your company in the application of the process. Take your strategy development into your own hands!

You know your company better than anyone else

With our 7-step process “Industrial Success Logic” you will turn this knowledge into effective strategies: agile, unique, transparent and supported by your organization.

  • Excellent process – convincing and comprehensible
  • Template-driven – clearly structured and easy to use
  • Intelligent data integration – incorporation of organizational knowledge and system data

Fully scalable solutions that fit you perfectly - whether you are a large corporation or a medium-sized company

Strategy Empowerment

4-day intensive training “Industrial Success Logic” for your management team in their own business.


Strategy Guidance

Workshop series through the 7 steps of the “Industrial Success Logic” for a guided strategy development.


Strategy Development

Support in selected modules of the “Industrial Success Logic” by our experienced experts.


Strategy Database

Integration of your relevant data sources into the process of the “Industrial Success Logic”.


Cologne Strategy Group

For over 30 years we have been supporting companies to design their business models in a value-creating, profitable and economically sustainable manner.

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