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With your superior strategy process you gain a time advantage over your competitors. For example, you can acquire companies at lower purchase prices before others have understood their value. Or you recognize superior business models at an early stage and occupy them before your competitors do.

Sounds good? We are the top experts for the enhancement of your company’s in-house strategy process! You decide how we deliver the greatest benefit for you – our services are flexible and completely. You get exactly the solution you are looking for.

We train your managers to develop well founded strategies autonomously.

This is how you build up the strategic autonomy of your company! In concrete terms: in a four-day intensive training course, your managers learn to develop strategies with our effective, proven 7-step methodology. The special thing about the training is that we do not work with fictitious case studies but practice the process directly in the participants’ own business. Why is this so important?

Participants have extensive knowledge in their own business: this allows them to work effectively in the training without frustrating preparation. In addition, the training is perceived as productive work in the business and not as a “time waster“. Hence you achieve an outstanding motivation of the participants and a high learning effect.

And the best thing about it is that your managers already work out the first results for their business during the training and thus lay a valuable foundation for their own strategy development.

We support and challenge your internal strategy development with a series of workshops.

As an objective partner with an “outside view”, many years of experience and judgement.

In concrete terms: in sequential strategy workshops we guide your team step by step through our methodology. We provide the process logic – your employees provide the facts.

In each workshop we explain the strategic relevance and the resulting questions of the next step. The elaboration is carried out by your employees until the next workshop, where the results are discussed together and critically questioned. Of course, we do not leave your employees alone between workshops and offer them constructive mentoring and support at all times.

Our structure ensures a convincing and comprehensible argumentation logic for both the business and corporate. The elaboration by your employees ensures the integration of organizational knowledge and the full support of the team.

We will be happy to summarize the results of the workshops for you in an executive summary as an important communication instrument.

Cooperatively, we develop sustainable strategies for your businesses based on their industrial success logic.

In concrete terms: from selected core topics (e.g. long-term demand forecasts or in-depth analyses of customer needs) to comprehensive joint projects, we develop concrete content for your business and corporate strategy.

Fully scalable and at the highest level! Useful tools and concepts are provided that have proven themselves over many years.

Whether as capacity support for your own team or for an unbiased external perspective – you can rely on our expertise and experience gained over 30 years of successful strategy work. We are happy to support execution planning and implementation of your strategy as well.

Your strategic decisions are based on information.

Timeliness, accuracy and robustness of this information are crucial for you. This is why we integrate the relevant data categories into your strategy process.

In concrete terms: we first identify the data categories critical for decision-making. These differ from sector to sector and are just as individual as the industrial success logic itself. The better your teams understand the critical data categories of their specific industry, the better you can predict their development, monitor them in a focused manner and react quickly to changes.

In the next step, we determine robust data sources in your ERP and CRM systems, in organizational knowledge or even externally. Responsibilities and processes are defined for the procurement and quality assurance of the data.

Clear tolerance limits for data changes determine when an intervention is required and a review of the strategy is triggered.



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