New directions in the global industry structure

A study by Cologne Strategy Group

The world economy is facing fundamental changes. Global economic structures have begun to shift radically:

  • Reindustrialization of the Western World – Production capacities in Europe and North America are significantly gaining value and replacing imports from China with logistics structures adapting accordingly!
  • China shifts from exports to domestic consumption. With a focus on the domestic demand, production overcapacities are taken off the market!
  • Competencies fully globalize – The longstanding belief „R&D in Europe/USA, production in Asia“ is no longer tenable!

Corporate leaders have to liberate themselves from established success factors and identify their industry’s new success logic. They have to reevaluate their company‘s position and strategic options before their competitors do.

This study identifies major challenges and key questions to realign a corporation in the context of the current industrial restructuring.

The authors:

Stefan Schultheiss – managing partner of Cologne Strategy Group
Daniel Spengler – strategy consultant at Cologne Strategy Group


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